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Volunteer Requirements

Without volunteers, we would either not have a league or the costs would be much higher.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time, it is the same parents who get involved.  Families are required to provide a $100 volunteer deposit (check) per family.  Checks will be collected at equipment hand out.  If your family fulfills the volunteer requirements AND equipment has been returned, your check will be returned.  If your family doesn’t fulfill these requirements, checks will be cashed after equipment hand-in.  Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the Dibs tab above.  Each family will be required to fill two slots.  Please sign up for the dates/times that works best for your family. 

Opt out fee for card fundraiser

The $90 opt out fee for fundraiser cards will be due at equipment hand out in addition to the required $100 volunteer deposit.

Card Fundraiser

 In order to keep our registration costs low, we require each family to sell a minimum of six (6) discount cards OR pay an additional $90 opt out fee per athlete.  This is our primary fundraiser and we appreciate the support of all football families!  Funds are used to purchase and recondition helmets, shoulder pads, pants, practice equipment, officiating, insurance, field maintenance, etc.  Athletes may request additional cards to sell after money from their original six cards has been returned to the grade level coordinator or head coach.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 individual sellers, the top seller from each grade (not in the top 3), and a pizza party to the top selling grade level!  We greatly appreciate everyone’s effort with the selling of discount cards!  

Discount cards will be distributed at equipment hand out.  Please communicate with your athlete that if these cards are misplaced, families will be held responsible for the full cost of all six cards which is $120.  Cards are to be sold for $20 each or at a discounted price of 2 cards for $30.

All discount card sales are due prior to the start of their grades scrimmage.  Players will be ineligible to play regular season games until card money is giving to a team coordinator or head coach.

Sauk Prairie Youth Football

Check out our Facebook page (Sauk Prairie Youth Football) and the Sports Engine mobile app for the latest information on Sauk Prairie Youth Football.  You will find information on grade level schedules, clothing order forms, registration, and other details to help keep you updated. You can also visit our league website to inquire about rules and find field locations.

The Sauk Prairie Youth Football Association (SPYFA) is associated with the Badger Central Youth Alliance (BCYA), Middle School Alliance (MSA), USA Football and Heads Up Football, LLC. Each year we field approximately 150 student athletes entering grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. We will play teams from all over our geographical area, with an away game travel time of approximately 30 – 60 minutes, depending on location.

It is important that we all understand that this league is for the kids! It is an opportunity for them to learn the sport; as well as, have fun, stay physically active and make friends. It is important that the players understand that winning and losing is not the only measurement of a successful season. Therefore, our parents need to stress the importance of continuous learning, growing, development and help keep players’ emotions in check at practices and on game days. Sauk Prairie Youth Football Association (SPYFA) has a zero tolerance policy. Parents and players will be held to the standards of this policy. Inappropriate behavior by parents, friends/guests of families, coaches and players will not be allowed.

Remember that this is a very subjective sport. While all our league referees are certified, there is always the chance that a call is missed or called differently than what you would like. We have a number of people who are devoting their time to ensure that our kids have an opportunity to learn and play the sport. From coaches to referees, we need to treat them with both the gratitude and respect they deserve.